Reservations for Helix Begin Worldwide

Today marks an important day in Helix’s history. From the moment we released our first video we saw something incredible happen. The world had been waiting for a better folding bike, a bike that looks, rides and feels like a real bike but can fold incredibly small. Helix filled a huge gap in a market that had been neglected for too long.

Over the past year we have refined the design to further improve Helix’s unique functionality while optimizing structural and mechanical properties using analysis and testing. Helix’s one piece titanium frame, 24” wheels, and what we believe is the industry's best locking and folding mechanisms, will set a new standard in folding bikes. While we improved the design, we also created a state of the art manufacturing process that is unique in the bicycle industry. Helix will be the first titanium bicycle in the world to be robotically TIG welded in an inert chamber. We have developed our manufacturing process with the goal of not only making the best folding bike in the world, but making it in the best possible way. You will see the results in every weld and every detail of every part. Helix is a precision crafted product and is a bike that will last you a lifetime.

Helix’s frame is made entirely out of titanium. We have used a combination of laser cut titanium tubes and over 20 CNC machined titanium parts that make up the folding and locking mechanisms. There is nothing else like it in the world.

Not only that, we have brought Helix to you at a price never before seen for a complete titanium bike. This was made possible by our unprecedented launch on Kickstarter. We were the most funded bicycle in its history and we used our funding to leverage the latest advances in manufacturing and automation. The bicycle industry has never seen a launch like this before and we did it all with a folding bike.

Today you can reserve your spot to be among the first to experience Helix. Our Kickstarter supporters will begin receiving their bikes early spring and over the first half of the year we will be rapidly increasing our manufacturing capacity to minimize the wait for Helix. Pre-orders will close once our production capacity has been reached and we will re-open later this year at full retail pricing. We believe, based on current estimates, that the first pre-orders will begin shipping late July; with all pre-orders delivered by October.

A better folding bike is become a reality. We thank you for believing in our mission, for sharing our passion for cycling and for supporting innovation.

The Helix Team