Frequently asked questions


What is the max/min rider height and weight?

Helix has been designed to accommodate riders between 5' to 6'4" and carry up to 250 lbs (113 kg). There is a large range of adjustability possible to achieve the desired fit.

With the current spec, the saddle height can be raised or lowered to accommodate a 5' - 6'4" rider. The seatpost also has a 40mm setback and a 60mm forward position. The stem has a 20mm rise that can be flipped to get a 20mm drop.

If any of these adjustments are not enough, it is always possible to replace the stem, seatpost, handlebar and crankset to achieve a better fit. The seatpost dimensions are 28.6mm x 430mm and the steerer tube diameter is 28.6mm.

Can I customize Helix?

Helix is compatible with many off the shelf bicycle components. There are however some limitations due to the fact that Helix folds so small and has significantly tighter clearances than regular bicycles.

The area of most limitation is the crankset. Only specific cranksets will work and there will be a limit as to how large of a front chainring you can use due to the clearance between the chainline and chainstay. Also, it is not possible to use a front derailleur. With that said, there is a large number of high quality cranksets that are compatible.

The other limitation is brakes, Helix has limited clearance between the front and rear wheels when folded. We have tested TRP Spyre and Spyke brake calipers and Rever MCX1/MTN1. These are all dual piston mechanical disc brakes and are highly rated. Many hydraulic brakes will also work. Brake rotor size is 160mm.

The maximum tire width is 1.5". Handlebar, stem, bake levers and shifter is generally unlimited. Helix uses a 28.6mm seatpost diameter. Rims, hubs, spokes, chains, cassettes, derailleur's including electronic shifting are all for the most part compatible.

Keep in mind any changes may affect the overall folded size, for example, adding drop bars will increase the folded width.

We will post all relevant dimensions to help with customization such as bb shell, steerer and seatpost diameters etc.

We will begin a section on our website to document compatible components. For this reason we advise all customers to wait for delivery and refer to our website before beginning any customization.

Can Helix be converted to electric assist?

An electric conversion can be installed by the end user. Helix has a standard 135mm dropout spacing and we will offer a set of dropouts that is compatible with standard rear drive hub axles. Helix should only be used with pedal assist type electric conversion not exceeding 250w. Any other type of electric conversion will void the warranty.

Does Helix have mounts for mudguards, racks and water bottles? What about other accessories?

Yes. Helix comes with mounts for: mudguards, a front and rear rack, bags and trailer. A water bottle mount is not included but can be attached to the steerer or main triangle. We are working on a complete line of accessories that will complement our design and not interfere with folding or rolling when folded. Availability is end of 2021.

As for other types of accessories such as handlebar mount cycling computers, lights, bells, smartphones, GoPros, even bags and bottles etc, these should all for the most part be compatible with Helix as the handlebar is facing outwards when folded.

Most seatpost mount accessories should also be compatible such as lights, mudguards, bags, racks.

Keep in mind any changes may affect the overall folded size, for example, adding a seatpost rack will increase the folded size. Also, the maximum weight capacity for Helix including rider and all cargo is 250 lbs (113 kg).

We will post all relevant dimensions to help with adding accessories such as handlebar and seatpost diameters.

Will there be a carrying case or bag for Helix?

We plan on offering a cover/bag, a padded softcase and a hardshell travel case that can be used as a trailer as well. These items will be available late 2021.

Is the single sided fork safe?

Yes. A single sided fork can be just as safe or even safer than a double sided fork. The use of large diameter titanium tubing and a large tapered axle makes it very strong and also rigid. Your bicycle pedal is a type of "single sided fork", the pedals axle can hold your entire body weight. Single sided forks have been used in the bicycle and motorcycle industries for years.

Can I buy Helix as a frame only?

Helix is currently not available as frame only. While Helix is compatible with many off the shelf bicycle components, it has significantly tighter clearances than regular bicycles and the specific dimensions of the components will be needed to ensure that they are compatible. For this reason we are currently offering Helix as a complete bike only. We will begin a section on our website to document compatible components. For more details, please read the above FAQ on customization.

What are the differences between the three models?

Helix is available in 3 different drivetrain options: a single speed, a 10 speed derailleur, and an 11 speed internal gear hub.

The single speed is best suited for flat, mostly level terrain. It requires little maintenance and has a simple, clean look. It is the lightest of all three models.

The 10 speed derailleur is the highest performance model. It offers a wide range of gears that allow you to climb steep hills and also ride fast. It requires the most maintenance of all three models.

The 11 speed Alfine offers the simplicity, clean look and low maintenance of the single speed with slightly less performance than the 10 speed. The gears are fully enclosed and away from the elements making it a good choice for wet conditions. It is however the heaviest of all three models.

What is the gear range of each model?

The gear ranges are as follows:

10 speed derailleur: 27.6" to 90.5"
11 speed Alfine: 22" to 89.9"
single speed: 55.3"

More detailed gearing information can be found here.

Can Helix fit into a suitcase?

Yes, Helix can fit into a standard large size suitcase, with minimum internal dimensions of: 21.5" x 10.5" x 27". We have tested is the Samsonite 30" EVOA Luggage and Helix fits perfectly but we do recommend using a bicycle specific case as it will protect offer the maximum protection during transit. We will be offering a custom suitcase that meets airline size requirements towards the end of 2021.

How much does Helix cost?

Please see pricing here.

What countries do you ship to?

Helix ships worldwide.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping costs between $30 - $160 USD depending on your location.

What is the frame geometry?

Frame geometry information is available here. It can be expected to match that of a medium size performance commuter.

How can a bike with 24'' wheels fold to a height of 23''?

Many different tires sizes can fit on the same rim. For example, in our case we use a 1.5" wide tire on a ERTRO 507 rim (approx 20"), which brings the overall diameter to about 23". If we used a wider tire, such as a 2.25", the diameter would increase even more. To try and keep things simple, the bicycle industry calls it a 24" wheel. For more information on bicycle industry tire sizing please visit:

Is the single speed version upgradeable to 10 speed or higher? Can I switch between the different drivetrain options?

Yes, the single speed version uses the same hub as the 10 speed, a Formula CL-142A 142mm x 12mm thru-axle with a single sprocket and spacers. You will be able to remove the sprocket and add a cassette of your choice and additionally add a derailleur, shifter and cable.

Helix uses interchangeable dropouts which makes it possible to change between the different drivetrain options.

Is there a belt drive option?

Due to the fact that the chain length expands and contracts when folding, it is currently not an option. Helix uses a modern chain drive with hollow links that is lightweight, durable, corrosion resistant and highly efficient.