The Future of Folding Bikes is Here: Helix is Now Accepting Orders Worldwide

The folding bike you have been waiting for is now available for December delivery.

Helix is a revolutionary folding bike. Never before has there been a bike that rides and folds equally well. Helix has the most compact fold possible with the wheels folding beside the frame and between the crank arms. With 24” wheels, an all titanium frame, disc brakes, standard drivetrains and an industry leading locking mechanism, Helix rides every bit as well as it folds.

Helix is made in Canada. We are the first company in the world to robotically weld bicycle frames in an inert argon chamber. This results in the highest quality welds possible, where each frame has been manufactured to last a lifetime. In addition to this, Helix is made up of more than 30 titanium parts that are machined on our precision multi-axis CNC machines.

Helix was designed around modern bicycle standards. It uses premium components including TRP Spyke dual piston disc brakes, Shimano XT rotors, Wolf Tooth Components narrow wide chainring, Shimano SLX derailleur, Formula hubs and more. We have also designed a titanium seatpost that accommodates a large range of riding positions and allows Helix to fold even smaller.

Helix will take you where other bikes cannot. It folds so compact that it can fit in a suitcase that is within maximum airline dimensions. It has large wheels that can accept tires up to 1.5” wide and is suitable for on road and trail use. Helix is easy to fold, can stand on its own when folded and can be rolled on its front wheel so it does not have to be carried.

Helix is a complete bike. It can accommodate mudguards and racks, a trailer hitch and a child carrier. It can be converted to electric assist with a rear hub motor. It can also accept a wide range of standard bicycle components. A complete line of accessories will be available spring 2020.

Because of the extremely specialized design and manufacturing we can only accept a very limited number of orders as we work towards scaling production. Take this opportunity to be among the first in the world to own a state of the art titanium folding bike.