We're making history!

Two weeks into our campaign and some amazing things have happened:

• we reached our funding goal in less than 1 hour
• we exceeded our funding goal by more than 5x in the first 24 hours
• we reached $1 million in the first 5 days
• we were chosen as a Kickstarter Staff Pick and also Design Project Of The Day
• we are the most funded bicycle in Kickstarter history
• we are the second most funded Canadian project in Kickstarter history

Your support represents something much bigger than these incredible milestones, it represents a turning point in a market that has gone stagnant and seen little meaningful innovation in decades. Helix sets a new standard for performance and foldability while redefining the price-performance ratio. The perception has changed, the bar has been raised and there's never been a better time to ride a folding bike.

In the past week we've updated our FAQ with answers to questions about accessories such as mud guards, racks and bags, we've posted detailed gearing information, questions about customization including electric conversion and more.

We've also listened to your feedback and are adjusting our spec. We've changed the size of the chainring to 42t. Helix now has a more usable gear range making it more suitable for steep hills and descents. We're also making slight changes to the geometry so that Helix can accommodate a longer seatpost up from 350mm to 400mm. This will not affect the folded size.

Based on the overwhelmingly positive response we received from our press release in February we anticipated a successful campaign on Kickstarter. As such we began conversations early on with our manufacturing partner about meeting potentially high production volumes and being able to keep up with the demand. Together we worked out various scenarios given the current workforce and capabilities and we are confident that we can meet the current demand; however we are approaching a threshold with respect to time.

As it stands, we expect that we will be able to deliver current orders on time, but orders soon hereafter will overflow into April and possibly May depending on the final number. Orders will be delivered in the sequence they are received.

As promised, we will be announcing our stretch goal soon and in gratitude to our backers a surprise or two.

Thank you all for your continued support!

Peter and The Helix Team

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