An incredible first day on Kickstarter!

In our first day we not only met our funding goal but exceeded it by more than 5x. We also received news today that Helix has been selected as a Staff Pick on Kickstarter. We are thrilled! We are especially appreciative of the support you have shown. Thank you for believing in our vision of a better folding bike.

We also have some exciting news in the pipeline, a stretch goal and some surprises as well! We will update you about these very soon.

We would also like to clear up some confusion with regards to pricing. The prices for Helix have not changed, they are still as follows: single speed $1200 USD, 10-speed derailleur $1300 USD, 11-speed Alfine $1600 USD.

Since we are a Canadian company our Kickstarter campaign lists the pre-order pricing and shipping rates in Canadian dollars. If you convert this to USD you will see that the price is as stated. We apologize for any confusion this has caused.

These are promotional prices that will only be available during Kickstarter. Although you will still be able to pre-order Helix through our website after Kickstarter ends, the price will go up by approximately $300 USD.

Visit our Kickstarter campaign here:

Thank you once again for your support!
The Helix Team